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Mas Sajady Live | Arab Health Conference - Dubai | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program

Arab Health Conference
USA Partnership Pavilion

29 January - 1 February

FREE Each Day
10:00am Meet & Greet with Mas
10:30am Medihealing®
Booth # H1.A60


Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. The 2018 edition of the event is expected to welcome more than 4,200 exhibiting companies and 103,000 attendees from 150+ countries.

Arab Health Visitor registration during the show days will be charged AED200.
Follow this link to register online today for Free access to the exhibition.

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"Happiness and positivity are a lifestyle and government’s commitment and a true spirit that unites the Emirati community."  - H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai 
"We are all created with the instincts to be abundant in all ways. It's our birthright. I just help reconnect you to your divine blueprint." - Mas Sajady

Following two near death experiences (NDEs), Mas Sajady uncovered seemingly extraordinary intuitive abilities that lie within us all. With his special abilities, Mas Sajady helps individuals achieve well-being, abundance and happiness through Mindfulness and Medihealing®.

Integration of Mas’ techniques with modern technologies (such as the ones exhibited at the Arab Health) can produce more effective healing and transformation in all areas of life.    
Mas Sajady has helped tens of thousands throughout the world transform all aspects of their personal and professional lives.  

Mas Sajady works with Fortune 500 executives and staff, medical and alternative healthcare providers, professional athletes, celebrities, and companies including Capital Records, Facebook, Fox, CCTV, CIA, Forbes, Microsoft,  FedEx, and more.  

Mas also donates his time to assist schools, community organizations, special needs groups, children, students and people from all walks of life.  
Working with Millions Around the World
Mas Sajady’s free podcast, Exponential Intelligence,  has over 1.2 million followers and has helped thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives.  His monthly 21-Day Medihealing® Program, described as “Mindfulness meditation on steroids" combining the power of meditation and healing, has been called "life shifting." 
Acclaimed Neurosurgeon Studies Mas Sajady
Mas Sajady's abilities caught the attention of Dr. Norman Shealy, acclaimed neurosurgeon and pain medicine pioneer. He is currently studying Sajady's ability to shift the vibration of others.  Dr. Shealy is evaluating how Sajady's brain and body change as he works with clients.  Shealy states he has found "...unequivocal evidence that Mas' abilities impact those that he works on." 
Scientific Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation on Happiness and Wellbeing: 
~ Lessens worry, anxiety and impulsiveness
~ Lessens stress, fear, loneliness and depression
~ Enhances self-esteem & self-acceptance
~ Improves resilience against pain & adversity
~ Increases optimism, relaxation & awareness
~ Helps prevent emotional eating & smoking
~ Helps develop positive social connections
~ Improves mood & emotional intelligence        
Scientific Benefits of Meditation on Healthier Body: 
~ Improves immune system & energy level
~ Improves breathing & heart rates
~ Reduces blood pressure
~ Increases longevity
~ Lessens heart & brain problems
~ Lessens inflammatory disorders & asthma
~ Lessens premenstrual & menopausal syndrome
~ Helps prevent many auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia & HIV
Experiences of mindfulness Medihealing® with Mas Sajady may promote emotional and physical wellbeing as well as effective spiritual connection to achieve true happiness and success.   

Industrial-Strength Group Healings® (IGHs)

An Industrial Strength Group Healing (IGH) is a 30-40 minute group session with Mas, conducted either in-person or remotely, with the chance to speak to Mas during the session either privately or within the group setting. This is Mas' preferred way of working as the transformative effect is amplified by the power of the group.  In addition, Mas is able to hold the space energetically for each person in the group for the entire 30-40 minutes, and so in essence it is like a one on one session with Mas for the whole of that time. 

Booth # H1.A60

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

IGH Appointment Booking

Please note: no children under the age of 16 are permitted to attend the Arab Health Conference.

Industrial-Strength Group Healing appointments are being scheduled directly at the booth by our on-site team.  Where possible they will do their very best to fit you in for an appointment on the day you visit.  

A limited number of Private Sessions will also be available for booking directly at the booth.  For more information on length of session and pricing please email

Show Hours

Monday, January 29th - Wednesday, January 31st
10:00am - 6:00pm Visitors

Thursday, February 1st
10:00am - 5:00pm Visitors