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Mas Sajady Live | Body, Mind, Spirit Festival - Oslo, Norway | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


Body, Mind, Spirit Festival, Oslo, Norway
November 23rd-25th | In-Person

We are excited to announce that Mas Sajady will be attending the Body, Mind, Spirit Festival in Norway's beautiful capital city,  Oslo, situated on the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord.

Mas will be offering free Workshops and Medihealings® (Meditation & Healing combined) at the Festival, including a free Public Service Event for Children.  He will also be conducting Industrial-Strength Group Healing® sessions (IGHs) also known as "Success Frequency Scans" at the booth (Booth 598).  These Success Frequency Scans will help you to identify and remove blocks that prevent you from living the ultimate life.

For information on the Workshops and on how to pre-book a Success Frequency Scan please scroll down.

WARNING: Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.

Background on Festival: The Body, Mind, Spirit Festival is Scandinavia's largest holistic Festival and has been in existence for 25 years. For more information on the Festival please click here.

Festival Location: The Festival takes place at Norges Varemesse (Norway's Trade Fair) which is well located for both national & international travel, with train connections of under 15 minutes to both Oslo Railway Station & Oslo Airport. 

Travel & Accommodation: For more information on travel please click here, and for information on hotels with special rates in the vicinity of Norway's Trade Fair please click here.

Entry to the Festival: To purchase entry tickets for the Festival please click here.

Industrial-Strength Group Healing® Sessions (IGHs):

These will take the form of small groups of circa 8 individuals working with Mas for approximately 30 minutes. The pre-booking fee for these IGHs will be $80 per person.

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Sat. 24th Nov. - 17:00-17:45: Change your Frequency, Change your Life (Sal D)

Meet Mas Sajady, a former computer programmer who after two Near-Death Experiences came into potent abilities that work at the core frequency level to bring forth seemingly miraculous shifts. Discover how Mas can empower you to change your life like the tens of thousands before you with Exponential Intelligence - the secret from where Mas activates the timeless consciousness that awakens your own supernatural abilities to heal and transform your life.

There is no 'chance meeting'. If something is stirring within you then join Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about Yourself.

This event includes a presentation and guided Medihealing® - a meditation and healing in one to supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total well-being.

Sun. 25th Nov. - 11:00-11:45: Balance & Wellbeing for Children (Sal C)

Children are our most precious resource, filled with unlimited potential, wonder for the world around them and hope for the future. Over time, however, family lineage and life experiences can become distorting as their paths become narrower and more rigidly defined. In this powerful and inspirational Public Service Event for children, Mas will work at Spirit level to maintain the vibrancy, natural curiosity, enthusiasm and purity of childhood. He will remove from their spiritual blueprint any limiting frequencies in order to awaken internal healing abilities so that physical and mental health as well as spiritual connection may flourish. This workshop will help to strengthen and fortify healthy brain development, natural gifts and talents, physical purification and emotional balance and wellbeing. As the connection to Pure Source is fortified, the inherent state of unlimited possibilities is revealed.

For this event, the child need not be present. You may “pull them in” by thinking of them during the meditation and then letting the thought go. Because Mas’s abilities transcend space and time, the willing spirit of the child will receive the full benefits as if they were present.

Sun. 25th Nov. - 15:00-16:30: Uniting Body, Mind & Spirit for an Integrated Life (Sal D)

The power of our being is accessed when we bring our physical body, mind and higher consciousness together in a united moment of focused presence. From this space we can access timeless wisdom and unshakeable contentment which can lead to an integrated, harmonious existence.  

You are invited to join Mas Sajady, a transformation catalyst and life-programmer. Through two Near Death Experiences, Mas was connected to a higher consciousness and opened up to the superhuman abilities that lie within us all. In this 1.5 hour event, Mas will help you connect to your higher consciousness and initiate self-change and your own superhuman abilities.

Mas will lead the group through a series of Medihealings® - a proprietary process combining meditation + healing – where you can edit the frequencies that command your life. By removing the distortions that lead you away from a united body-mind-spirit, you may find yourself connecting to a state of existence that is pure, fresh and effortless. In this deep, meditative state you may clear out the web of filters that weigh you down and invite in the very circumstances that can lead to an integrated life where your spirit aligns with ever-present truth.

1.5 Hours, 3 Medihealings:
1) Body – address physical ailments & circumstantial distortions 
2) Mind – remove the binds of ego and identity
3) Spirit – clear the way for your higher consciousness to connect with Pure Source & guide you to an integrated life



Fri. 23rd Nov. - 13:00-13:45: Exercise Motivation Medihealing (Sal D)

Do you long to be fit, yet struggle to find the motivation to exercise?  Join Mas as he instills you with vibrant, inspiring frequencies that will help awaken your innate desire to exercise and optimize your physical health and appearance! 

Sat. 24th Nov. - 13:00-13:45: Stepping into your Power & Letting go of Fear Medihealing (PUST)

Do you know how powerful you are, and how rich and deep your life can be?  Join Mas as he helps you unite with the boundless power of your Spirit and welcome in the courage to expand into your full, glorious existence.

Industrial-Strength Group Healing® Sessions (IGHs):

"Success Frequency Scans" | Booth 598

Please note, the majority of our Success Frequency Scans will be available at the Festival on a ‘first come first served’ basis, however we are releasing a few spaces in advance here for those clients who have a long distance to travel, or wish to have the certainty of booking ahead of time.

The Success Frequency Scans will take the form of small groups of circa 8 individuals working with Mas for approximately 30 minutes. The pre-booking fee for these IGHs will be $80 per person.

Friday, 23rd November
11:00 am ( $80 ) | Click to Register
11:30 am ( $80 ) | Click to Register
12 noon ( $80 ) |  Click to Register

Saturday, 24th November
11:00 am ( $80 ) | Click to Register
11:30 am ( $80 ) | Click to Register
12 noon ( $80 ) |  Click to Register

Sunday, 25th November
12 noon ( $80 ) | Click to Register
12:30 pm ( $80 ) | Click to Register
1 pm ( $80 ) |  Click to Register


Private Sessions with Mas:

A limited number of Private Sessions with Mas will be available in Central Oslo on Monday 26th November. This is a very rare opportunity to work with Mas one-on-one. Should you be interested in booking one of these sessions please email for more information.