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(SOLD-OUT) Mas Sajady Live | Evening Event with the College of Psychic Studies, London, UK | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


Evening Event 'Clearing the Blocks to Raise your Vibrational Frequency' 
Monday November 5th | In-Person | 7 - 9 pm

(SOLD-OUT) As the vibration of the planet continues to rise, many of us are seeking to elevate our vibrational frequency. We yearn to break through to a new level of consciousness, and are fuelled by an internal desire to transform, and yet may find this a challenging process.

Lower energetic blocks, such as fear, shame, unworthiness, guilt, inherited family programs and past life patterns may be holding us back. Or perhaps we have a belief that elevated consciousness is only for ‘highly evolved’ souls, and not for us. These are all lower energetic blocks and perhaps you have tried to shake the hold of their strong frequencies, but not yet managed to do so.

Mas Sajady is a transformational changemaker who works at a core frequency level to edit, reprogram and help elevate your vibrational makeup. After his second Near Death Experience, Mas was gifted with intuitive healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Mas works to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life. "Change your frequency, change your life," he shares. Join Mas for this highly anticipated event where he will give an in-depth talk on how to clear the blocks to raise your vibrational frequency and help align you with the higher Pure Source frequencies. Uncover why we have these lower energetic blocks, learn to identify them, and transform them into a positive force in your life.

The talk will include a powerful, guided Medihealing® (meditation and healing in one) which will help you access your spiritual programming, so you can:

  • Recognise the frequencies of the lower energetic blocks.

  • Work to clear and edit any past programs and patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Bring to light any frequency distortions from this or previous lifetimes.

  • Break through to a new level of consciousness and connect more strongly with your truest self.

  • Increase your spiritual vibration and welcome in a life more aligned with your essence.

  • Connect more strongly to the strength and peace of Pure Source, replacing the lower energetic frequencies with the brilliance of the higher frequencies.

There will also be the opportunity to ask Mas questions.

WARNING: Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.

Mas's talk in 2017 sold out so early booking is recommended.

Location: The event will take place in the beautiful College of Psychic Studies, in Central London.

The College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Place,

For more information on how to find the College please click here, and to register, please click below.


Registration: Front 3 rows (£35 for College Members, £40 for non-members).
Registration: Standard Ticket (£25 for College Members, £30 for non-members).

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