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FIT360 - FIT360 Fitness Reset Medihealing | Online

FIT360 - Fitness Reset Medihealing

March 7th - 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET

This medihealing is part of the bonus medihealings for the FIT360 Program. 

Join Mas in this exclusive FIT 360 Medihealing where he will completely reset your approach and understanding of fitness at a spirit level so you are poised for lasting change and true fitness success.  Most of us have been bogged down with misleading dietary guidelines, quick fixes or erroneous exercise and nutrition advice that we are left feeling lost and uninspired. In this Medihealing, Mas will erase all of the fitness and nutrition habits you may have previously developed so that you are left with a clean slate from which to embark upon your new lifestyle. From this state, you will be able to more effortlessly integrate effective and transformational changes in your life and become the physical representation of your best self!

In the Fitness Reset Medihealing®, Mas will help you to:

• Erase old habits so you are prepared to manifest and integrate new, effective ones
• Delete the baggage of any past failures so you feel renewed
• Bring in a comprehensive and deeper understanding of 360 degrees of fitness and health well beyond anything you learned before
• Overcome fears or hesitations about your capability and propensity to be truly fit
• Instill a sense of clarity and cleanliness that will leave you perfectly positioned to tap into your physical greatness
(Retail Value $100)


This medihealing is only available via the FIT360 Program or the À la cart FIT360 Medihealings package. If you register for the package as a non-FIT360 member, you will receive a $350 credit towards a future FIT360 Program. Full details available upon registration.

The FIT360 Medihealings® - A la cart includes:

Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing® - Live call March 7th - 8am PT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET
Fitness Reset - Live call March 7th - 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET
Fitness Motivation - Live call March 26th - 7:30pm PT/ 9:30pm CT/ 10:30pm ET
Fitness Discipline - Live call April 4th - 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET

$350 | Click to register for the À la cart FIT360 Medihealings

This package is included in the FIT360 Program. No need to register if you are a participant of the program.