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FIT360 - FIT360 Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing | Online

FIT360 - Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing
March 7th - 8am PT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET

This medihealing is part of the bonus medihealings for the FIT360 Program. 

Fire up your physical system and spiritual frequencies with this fast and effective 5 minute pre-workout Medihealing. Mas will generate highly energized frequencies that will help you rev up your adrenal system and focus your mind for a workout that will deliver maximum results! 
(Retail Value $50)

This medihealing is only available via the FIT360 Program or the À la cart FIT360 Medihealings package. If you register for the package as a non-FIT360 member, you will receive a $350 credit towards a future FIT360 Program. Full details available upon registration.

The FIT360 Medihealings® - A la cart includes:

Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing®
Fitness Reset - Live call March 7th - 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET
Fitness Motivation - Live call March 26th - 7:30pm PT/ 9:30pm CT/ 10:30pm ET
Fitness Discipline - Live call April 4th - 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET

$350 | Click to register for the À la cart FIT360 Medihealings

This package is included in the FIT360 Program. No need to register if you are a participant of the program.