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Mas Sajady Live | Miracle Mindset, LHSC - Minneapolis, MN | In-Person & Online


Mas Sajady Live Events & Public Service Program

Miracle Mindset
Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

Minneapolis, MN | In-Person & Online
Friday, March 9th | 5pm PT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET

100% of the proceeds for this event are donated to the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community & their Public Service Outreach Programs. 

Each of us is a fractal of Pure Source. Deep within our spirit is a well of miraculous energy waiting to be revealed. To understand who we truly are and effectively open our spirit to its full powers and the miracles that life has to offer, we must first sift through the layers of our self-image, identity, belief systems and distortions. We are called to clear ourselves of these frequencies that no longer serve us. Mas Sajady is a life-architect who guides and aids you in editing your spiritual blueprint so you can access Exponential Intelligence, the truth of the universe, and abundance within.

Join Mas Sajady at this special public service event on the “Miracle Mindset” at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center to learn:

- Three distortions that must be cleared in order to manifest miracles in your life

- Two simple morning steps to set your mind and spirit in a state that is open to receiving miracles

- One sign that signifies that you are on the right track

Mas will lead the group in Medihealing® (Meditation + Healing) where you will first be guided into a deep meditative state at which point he’ll work with your spirit to edit the programming of your spiritual source code and infuse you with conscious understanding of what it really means to have a miracle mindset.

Following two near death experiences, Mas, is gifted with abilities that could benefit you and your entire understanding of human existence. With almost 1 million podcast downloads and 1.5 million Facebook followers around the world, Mas hosts live events, meditations, 21 Day Medihealings, individual sessions and group self-healings.


Mas is a leader for those who have deep determination and desire to seek truth and endure the spiritual work to access internal abundance. Mas could help augment your efforts to optimize your spiritual programming so you can unveil the power and brilliance within you and ultimately manifest life transformation in spirit, health, relationships, business, careers and finances.

General - $10 | Click to Register ( Limited Spots )

VIP - $100 | Click to Register ( Front Rows & Hands-On, Limited Spots )

*** Online - $20 | Click to Register

*** MARCH 21 DAY REGISTRANTS - You have received a 50% discount code for online attendance to this event. If you plan to attend this event online, please visit the Announcements section of your Essential or Sublime 21 Day homepage to retreive your discount code. Discount code is valid through March 8th, 3pm CT.

Mas Sajady will also be available on March 9th for in-person Industrial-Strength Group Healing® Sessions (IGH).

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