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Mas Sajady Live | Meet Mas Sajady: The Secret to High Frequency Living - Sacramento, CA | In-Person & Online

Mas Sajady Live Program


The Secret to High Frequency Living

Presentation + Medihealing®

Sacramento, California | July 13, 7-9pm PT

Location: The Center for Spiritual Awareness
1275 Starboard , Drive - West Sacramento, CA 95691
Contact: (916) 374-9177

Meet Mas Sajady, a former computer programmer who after two near-death experiences came into potent abilities that work at the core frequency level to bring forth seemingly miraculous shifts. Mas Sajady’s abilities have since helped tens of thousands of people around the world transform all areas of their lives with rapid, lasting and documented results.

During this event, Mas will discuss his gifts and abilities to redesign and reprogram your spiritual blueprint, removing blocks and materializing fast and tangible transformations. These fundamental shifts can impact anyone's physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being, guiding us into our natural state of 360 degrees of abundance. He will share how to decode the secret to high frequency living in any situation and upgrade the quality of your life.

This event includes a presentation, demonstration, and guided Medihealing, meditation and healing in one. Mas will first guide you into a deeply meditative state then work on the 'source code' of your blueprint to bring forth the healing and transformation. Each Medihealing is customized to the unique group in attendance.


In-Person (Includes 70% off MP3 replay)
$20 - Available at the door.

Online (Includes live call + MP3 replay)
$20 - Click to Register

Mas will also be offering  Industrial-Strength Group Healing Appointments and the following workshop:
From Fear of Success to Fearless Prosperity

If you are interested in an Industrial-Strength Group Healing® appointment with Mas, please click here.