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Mas Sajady Live | From Fear of Success to Fearless Prosperity - Sacramento, CA | In-Person & Online

Mas Sajady Live Program


From Fear of Success to Fearless Prosperity
Workshop + Medihealing®

Sacramento, California | July 14, 10am-1pm PT

Location: California State Railroad Museum
25 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

What is holding you back from success? You may think it’s Fear of Failure. In fact, to most it’s Fear of Success.

Part 1: Exponential Intelligence - Fear of Success
Why is Fear of Success holding you back more than fear of failure
How to conquer the Fear of Failure
How to understand the Fear of Success
The misconception about success
The 15 sacrifices that success demands
What’s your subconscious success programming
How to overcome self-sabotage

Part 2:  Medihealing - Fearless Prosperity
Meditation & Healing
Instilling Fearlessness
Frequency infusion of prosperity
What do you need to do:
Nothing more than sitting still & suspend your disbelief. Mas works on your frequency level to remove the Fear of Success and instill the courage of Fearless Prosperity.

However, you must keep working on your awareness after the event with consistent vigilance. There isn't a magic solution, but simply knowing that you could be sabotaging yourself is half the battle. The next time you are confronted with a new thing and conquer your fear of failure, make sure you give some thought to your fear of success, too, so you can really move all of the barriers out of the way.


IN-PERSON (Includes 70% off MP3 replay)
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VIP (Front rows & guaranteed hands-on work)
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ONLINE (Includes live call + MP3 replay)

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