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(Closed) Mas Sajady Live | Motorcycle Adventure to Mt. Shasta | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


Motorcycle Adventure to Mt. Shasta
August 21-27, 2018 | In-Person

*Registration Closed*

This will be an exciting new event for motorcycle enthusiasts. The trip begins in the Bay Area (for bike rental if needed), and has many beautiful, scenic nature stops planned on the way to Mt. Shasta. Enjoy 4 glorious and warm sunny days traveling by motorcycle, swimming in rivers, and hiking in diverse, beautiful country with Mas and a small group. Experience daily Medihealing® with hands-on work from Mas, the motorcycle MAStermind, and personal time for your inner journey.

The group will arrive the 4th day in Mt. Shasta, CA where they will have 2 days of free time, or may sign up for events Mas will be conducting on those days for the public (details coming soon!). The motorcycle group will return together to the Bay Area on the 27th.


Fee $600 | This event does not include meals, lodging, or Mt. Shasta Mas events.

Due to the limited space available, we will be accepting and reviewing applications now through March 31st, 2018.

The applicants that are accepted will be notified by mid-April.

Prerequisites for requesting an application: 

  • Participants must have 5+ years of riding experience and at least three long distance, multiple day trips

  • Participants must be comfortable riding in the hot sun for 5+ hours per day for four days in a row

  • Participants must be physically fit for strenuous hiking in warm weather & river swimming

  • Participants must be comfortable using their own GPS if separated from the group

  • Participants must purchase a medical evacuation insurance policy for the trip

Please contact Paro to request your application: