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FREQUENCY SERIES DEBUT | Abuse Series Orientation Call | Online (Free)


Abuse Series


The Abuse Series Orientation

A one-hour call with Mas to introduce the new Frequency Series program. Mas will discuss the purpose of the upcoming series debut on Abuse and explain the process and structure of the program.

The abuse you have experienced in your lifetime is not your fault, but these experiences may have burdened you with a lifetime of pain, distrust, and insecurities. At your core, you may be running patterns that keep you stuck in an endless cycle of abuse that permeates all aspects of your life in spite of your best efforts. 

Traditional counseling or help for abuse victims typically addresses the historical events and resulting psychological, physical and emotional effects of the abuse. While this can be beneficial, it is limited and often only provides relief at the surface-level, while leaving the abuse programming intact. 

To heal and eradicate abuse patterns so that you may change how you experience the rest of your life, you must transform at your core level. With the Abuse Series, Mas has created a multi-level, intensive program to help you systematically pinpoint and alter the underlying frequencies of abuse. End the cycle of abuse; change your programming so that you no longer participate in abusive relationships. Heal from the inflicted damage and engage in mutually healthy, loving, respectful interactions with others that honor the truth of our existence.

We invite you to join Mas live for the Abuse Series Orientation as he talks about the new Frequency Series program and the specifics of the Abuse Series and how it may help you so you are no longer caged by the abuse of your past or entangled with future, recurring abuse.

The Abuse Series Orientation

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