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Frequency Spa #63 | 3AM - Spiritual Warrior | Online


Frequency Spa #63
3AM Meditation Series: Spiritual Warrior
Jan 1st | 1am PT / 3am CT/ 4am ET

Rise up spiritual warriors and emblazon your innermost might and fortitude in this special 3AM New Year Power Medihealing. A trifecta will magnify the intensity of the meditation and healing with the coming together of the new year, the most spiritual hour of the day, and the rising of the full supermoon, resulting in an explosive strengthening of spirit.  

Mas invites you to stand valiantly on the edge of brilliance in the new year and enrobe your spirit in divine armor, signifying your conviction and valor to your spiritual awakening. Together this potent Mastermind group will augment our powers as we prepare to face the future awakening of humanity.  

Within you lies determination and steadfast resolve waiting to be unveiled. Mas will work with your spirit helping you to reinforce your foundation and courage. As you ascend and grow brighter you will face great darkness and it is up to you to create and command protection and mastery against any opposing forces that will seek to derail and control you. But fear not, through your connection to Pure Source you will embrace your abilities and come to understand the inconceivable powers you possess and the divine, glorious being that you are.

Confidently step forth as the new you, a luminesce spiritual warrior assuredly poised and fearlessly gazing into the horizon of the new year. Ready for all that lies ahead... and together with your fellow warriors you will spread your wings, illuminating the universe with brilliance and light. You will swoop down throughout the world, lifting emptiness and gloom as you spread the purity of truth. You are a spiritual warrior and your time is here.

3AM - Spiritual Warrior
$33 (33min - live call + replay) | Click to Register