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Frequency Spa #66 | Heart-cord Cleansing (2018 Upgrade) | Online

Frequency Spa #66

Sun. Feb 25 | 8:15pm PT / 10:15pm CT/ 11:15pm ET

The dysfunctional entanglement of a relationship rarely dissolves with the physical ending of the romance – a cord of energetic attachment formed between two lovers lives on in your heart space, negatively affecting your subconscious mind long after the physical separation, sometimes even through life times.

While some are healthy, most energy cords operate with emotions of the lowest frequencies – such as pain, regret, anger, etc… and their combined force is highly destructive – it infests the heart space with fear, distorts thinking and feeling, keeps trauma alive and perpetuates toxic patterns from the past into your present and future. In this powerfully upgraded frequency spa, Mas will sever unhealthy energy cords at frequency level, so that you may release common effects such as:

  • Feeling ‘stuck’ yet feel powerless to ‘break free’
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns with eyes wide open
  • Dwelling in the past, contemplating reconciliation
  • Giving up on love, bitter with anger, regret, guilt, etc.
  • Unwilling to move on, unable to trust, give/receive, etc.
  • Feeling damaged, worthless, hopeless or desperate, etc.

Because starting a new relationship or simply living a happy, normal life without cleansing the heart space would only bring yet another failed romance and an even stronger energy cord. This essential, upgraded frequency spa is being offered so that you may cleanse, release, and fully clear all ancient remnants in your heart space so that you may live and love to your fullest from an unobstructed place of purity and clarity.

Detox Warning: This session may cause heavy symptoms of physical/emotional detox. If you are not ready and don’t prefer to experience the detox effect, please do not participate in this session.

Everyone formed their cords with their own tender or poignant romances. The frequencies generated on this call may help remove dominant energy blocks of the group collectively, and then reach into the heart space of each participant individually for a thorough cleansing. You might feel much lighter or empty at first, maybe experience detox effects. Heavy detox effects my be experienced as people purge emotional toxicities and soon some substantial improvements will occur in the way you think, feel and act toward yourself and your relationship.


Heart-cord Cleansing (2018 Upgrade)

$49 (60 min - live call + replay) | Visit the Frequency Spa to register