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Frequency Spa #64 | Taming the Inner Critic | Online

Frequency Spa #64

Taming the Inner Critic
Sat. Jan 27 | 7pm PT / 9pm CT/ 10pm ET

Are you your worst critic?  Do you harshly evaluate your every action? Rather than envisioning your highest self do you instead hear an invasive, nagging inner voice that sees and highlights your every flaw? Whether this internal judge was instilled by family, friends, or society or it has persisted through lifetimes, for too many of us, this unrelenting, chastising critic stands in the way of our ability to fully love ourselves and embrace our true worth. This internal commentary prohibits us from seeing that our imperfections are an invaluable part of the human experience.

In this group healing, reclaim peace and power over the inner critic as Mas works at spirit level to:

  • Delete the need to seek approval and validation from our external environment
  • Cultivate the truth of our innate, infinite worth and understand that love and acceptance come from within
  • Feel a sense of inner completeness despite any distorted thoughts, beliefs or experiences
  • Silence the critical inner mind that stands in the way of full self-appreciation
  • Infuse the healing silence of self-acceptance and the ability to exist in the power of the present moment without fear, anxiety or disapproval
  • Instill self-love for all that we are and see beauty and value in perceived imperfections
  • Use the differences between our reality and our ideals as healthy motivation and opportunity for growth

In this Medihealing®, find relief from the insistence that you are anything other than miraculous with the ability to fully awaken in every moment and claim the abundance to which we are all worthy.

Taming the Inner Critic

$39 (45min - live call + replay) | Click to Register