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Frequency Spa #75 | Jealousy | Online

Mas Sajady Programs | Frequency Spa


Frequency Spa #75:

Sunday, September 30th | 8pm PT / 10pm CT / 11pm ET


Jealousy can infect any aspect of life from romantic relationships, friendships, the workplace and community. Its pains can be grueling, testing the foundation of some of our deepest senses of self-worth, value, lovability and deservingness. Many see others’ success and happiness as a sign of their own failure and loss. But true and significant success is generated from within, leaving our outward lives as a reflection of our inner splendor.

By recognizing the truth of our existence and fortifying our connection to Pure Source, our clarified spirit can provide all that is needed and more for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Outward yearning can be relinquished, as the source of complete abundance is activated within.

In this life-transforming frequency spa, Mas will work to delete distorted frequencies that generate jealousy to help you:

  • Know the depth of your worth and magnificence, independent of titles, status, relationships or possessions

  • Liberate yourself from fears, suspicions, insecurities and the need for external fulfillment as you discover an endless source of inner completeness

  • Have the strength to let go of that which doesn’t serve your highest good, so that you may delight in all of life’s gifts and possibilities

  • Delete patterns of victimhood and feelings of anger, hurt and pain due to lies and loss of trust

  • Remove frequencies of deception and manipulation in order to align with Truth and your highest potential

  • Develop organic, enriching relationships with strong foundations of respect, trust and love

  • View others’ success as an opportunity to become aware of joys, interests, desires and passions

  • Feel deserving of your deepest desires, knowing you are free to live from a space of limitless abundance

  • Copy others’ success patterns, adopting their frequencies and bringing in new solutions, thought patterns and ways of being

Release the entangling limitations of jealousy and envy in you and your loved ones as you come into a vibrational state of wholeness. Through this unconditional state of completeness, delight in the endless possibilities that exist for us all. Feel the joy of our inner connectedness and relish all success as the truth of your brilliance guides you through a life of peace, joy and contentment.

WARNING: Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.


Sunday, September 30th
8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET


$39 (40 min - live call + replay) | Visit the Frequency Spa to register