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Group Healing - Carrying the Load for Others | Online


Carrying the Load for Others
Mar 7 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

The journey of your spirit here in this life is an individual journey that is rich and rewarding but also filled with trials and tribulations that require effort. Navigating through ups and downs is an important task that our spirit is equipped to manage. However, many of us along the way have adopted frequencies that have allowed others to discard the weight of their distortions and densities onto us, that may leave us feeling downtrodden, oppressed and even exploited.

It is our responsibility to safeguard our spirit, even if we feel our actions have been caring, compassionate or even life-saving to others. This may require us to no longer succumb to social pressures, misplaced commitments, and familial rulesets. So if you have taken on burdens beyond your own and you feel worn down and drained by this taxing quest, please join Mas in this reassuring, invaluable Group Healing where he will work with your spirit to:

  • Help you see the hardships of others that have been forced onto you
  • Honestly acknowledge the strain you have accepted from others out of obligation, love, duty or other reasoning
  • Ignite the strength within you to cut these ties
  • Create effective and healthy boundaries and take ownership in protecting your spirit
  • Have courage to face the retribution that may ensue from those who have relied on you for so long
  • Insist that your self-worth is in no way connected to helping or carrying others
  • Embody the conviction needed to stave off future intrusions as you clear these frequencies 
  • Accept, honor, and savor what it is to feel unencumbered, lighter and more assuredly “you”

This is your life, your journey – no one else’s. You have no obligation to shoulder the weight of anyone else's troubles. Ultimately, it does not benefit them and it most certainly hinders you.  With this Group Healing, your spirit will work to bring a lighter, brighter and freer existence that will facilitate a life full of spiritual agility, delight, ease and sheer satisfaction.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 11:59pm CT 3/5)

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Included with the MARCH 21 Day SUBLIME Package