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Group Healing - Healthy Body Image | Online


Healthy Body Image
May 1 | 7pm PT / 9pm CT/ 10pm ET

Our bodies are miraculous gifts through which we experience all that life offers. But for many, an unhealthy body image plagues their thoughts, contributing to unnecessary feelings of inadequacy, unattractiveness and even shame. From harboring inaccurate mental images that are not reflected in reality, to yearning for imagined perfection, to obsessing over every perceived flaw, far too many look to their bodies to reflect their worth and value. In this group healing, liberate yourself from internal and external pressures of society, and reclaim confidence and love for your true self as Mas works at spirit level to help:

  • Release inaccurate mental images of your physical body
  • Correct time distortions that leave you stuck in false imaginings
  • Dispel external pressures and messages of self-image from society and the media
  • Revel in the multi-layered miracle that is your physical body and all of its abilities
  • Understand the optimal physicality for your body type rather than coveting unrealistic body types and images
  • Prioritize health and well-being over artificial or destructive beauty
  • Come into the knowledge of the endless beauty and power of your truest self
  • Live from a space of ease, comfort and confidence in the full knowing of who you truly are
  • Embrace all life experiences and opportunities without self-imposed limitations from misconceptions of imperfection
  • Celebrate the joining of your spirit with the gift of your physical form

A healthy body image frees us to come into a deepened sense of self-love. As we accept and appreciate our bodies, we more easily connect with the power of the present moment, allowing our spirits and bodies to come into union. And it is through this union that all abundance blossoms.

$30 ($20 Early Bird) - Visit the Group Healing Page for Registration Details

Included with the MAY 21 Day SUBLIME Package