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Group Healing - Passion for Life | Online


Passion for Life
Feb 12 | 8am PT / 10am CT/ 11am ET

The true goal of our spirit is to be here in life and enjoy the full spectrum it has to offer. Life isn’t meant to be solely survived, nor is it meant to be lackluster. What if we could wake up each day and face even the most mundane of tasks with enthusiasm and zest? Join Mas in this group healing where he will collaborate with your spirit to instill frequencies of sheer passion and inspiration towards life. Mas will help you to see that life opportunities abound that will get your heart beating, keep your eyes wide and evoke intense exhilaration. In this Group Healing, your spirit may:

  • Shake off layers of stagnation and the humdrum lenses through which you see the world
  • Brighten each day by solidly connecting your spirit and physical form to bring about tantalizing feelings of jubilation and awe
  • Unfold new and exciting paths to help lead you to adventure and spiritual elevation
  • Impart a sense of enchantment and delight into the essence of your being
  • Fill in spiritual gaps of lack, incomplete self-love, and dissatisfaction so you feel whole, satiated, and grounded
  • Stir up feelings of anticipation and eagerness to explore the intricacies of life, understand your spirit, and renew relationships
  • Be reminded of the joyousness of this world, our humanity and the magic surrounding you

In this group healing, your spirit will happily provoke your senses so you wake up in this lifetime feeling fresh and animated, ready to dive into the nuances of each day no matter the tactical plans that lie ahead. You will spark an internal passion for life that will leave you feeling exuberant, inquisitive and hungry for the journey that awaits you in this lifetime and beyond.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 11:59pm CT 2/10)

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Included with the FEBRUARY 21 Day SUBLIME Package