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Group Healing - Taking out the Trash | Online


Taking out the Trash
Apr 18 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

With every life experience that helps us towards our journey to higher consciousness, our spirit diligently works to expose, identify, and remove old patterns, life programming, and distortions that keep us from becoming our highest, limitless self. This is the process our spirits take on during Medihealings and with every 21 Day program. As this spiritual debris accumulates we see, feel and sense the trash around us often leaving us in a state of discomfort, agitation and heaviness.

Join Mas in this rejuvenating Group Healing of renewal where he will work with your spirit to take out the trash… and: 

  • Understand at a higher level why you have held on to the trash in the first place 
  • Remove unnecessary, leftover distortions that no longer serve us
  • Clear our space spiritually to allow for fresh, invigorating experiences
  • Create new patterns so we don’t attract and accumulate new burdensome frequencies
  • Close openings within our system that bring in distortions and suboptimal programming
  • Instill a filter to keep trash from coming in while still allowing frequencies of abundance and limitlessness
  • Realize that any perceived negativity experienced through the removal process are long-standing patterns that are now clearing 
  • Let go of anything we are clinging to in order to upgrade your quality of life and connect with your highest self

It’s time to let go. Let go of all that is holding you back, all of the distortions you have carried with you for years or lifetimes. Take out the trash, refurbish your existence so you feel light, bright, and sparkly clean, ready to take on all of the rich adventure and comprehensive experiences life has ready for you. 

$30 ($20 Early Bird) - Visit the Group Healing Page for Registration Details

Included with the APRIL 21 Day SUBLIME Package