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MARCH Global Healing | FREE & LIVE Online

Live Free Global Healing Session

SUNDAY | Mar 18th | 8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET

A 60-minute monthly live call, FREE and open for global participation. 

Each month, Mas invites the world to participate in this hour-long call with the pureness of their hearts and a sincere desire to heal and evolve. This is not an ordinary call – anyone or any issue Mas works on will benefit from the Pure Source frequency that is further amplified by the powerful energy generated from the global participation.

The energy, challenges and the needs of the participants are different and unique each month...but there is also a common theme each time. During the call, Mas addresses the most prevalent and urgent issues presented in the group.

Included in the current month's 21 Day, The Sublime Package -- no need to register if you are a current 21-Day Sublime participant.

The call is free, live, and comes with an available replay to listen to or download.


Although the call is free and open for global-participation, there are unique benefits enjoyed only by the 21-Day Sublime Participants:

  • You will be able to raise your hand to speak to Mas on air
  • You will be able to send in your questions through the comment box. Mas will read all the questions and work on them during the call (He may or may not read them out loud).
  • You will be eligible to win our session-spot lottery – Mas will pick a few names at the end of the call and these callers will be guaranteed a spot for an IGH session with Mas (regular fees apply).

More info on The 21 Day: Click Here