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Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

Friday, July 27 | 8pm PT / 10pm CT / 11pm ET



On Friday July 27th, 2018, the world will experience a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. This Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon holds special significance as it will be the longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century.  

Total Lunar Eclipses are sometimes referred to as Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange hue the Moon takes on during the Eclipse.  This is caused by sunlight filtering through the atmosphere of the Earth onto the Moon’s surface.

Eclipses are powerful times of awakening as they help bring us back on track with our Soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

This Total Lunar Eclipse is happening in the sign of Aquarius, a sign well known for its focus on honoring both humanitarian and individual needs.  At the level of the individual, Aquarius involves listening to your inner voice and authority, and becoming who you authentically are, beyond the expectations of others. 

Join Mas for this powerful Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Medihealing® harnessing the energies of the Total Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon for our own transformational process.  During the Medihealing Mas will help us:

  • Access our inner wisdom and guidance and hear our authentic voice.
  • Gain clarity on a much deeper level regarding what serves us and what does not.
  • Understand the healthy way of honoring ourselves, whilst also considering the needs of others.
  • Get in touch with the desire within us to live in alignment with our Truth, to access our authentic power and act from this space.
  • Gain significant insight into the next steps in our journey.
  • Propel forward increasing our clarity with a sense of lightness.

Allow the Total Lunar Eclipse to help you be courageously honest and empowered to make the necessary changes in your life, in line with your Soul’s purpose.


Friday, July 27th
8pm PT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET


Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

$29 (30 min - live call + replay) | Visit the Frequency Spa to register