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June's Wisdom from The 21 Day MediMorphosis™ | 5 Father Personalities | Online

The 21 Day Medihealing® Program |  Details & Registration

The 21 Day Medihealing® Program | Details & Registration

This Month’s Topic

How they Determine Your Success Quotient

Do you want to know the real reasons why success is not “sticking” to you? Or if you are successful, why you’re not enjoying it as deeply as you could?

With most personal development techniques, the teachers of the techniques haven’t been able to fully resolve their own self-defeating patterns. And if they can’t resolve it for themselves, how do you expect it will work for you?

Becoming super successful isn’t the answer either. Some examples include:

  • The Koch family, Kennedies, and other “powerful elites” who are riddled with abuse, illness, addictions, and mental instability. Their fame and fortune are powerless in defeating these traits.

  • Highly intelligent individuals such as Nikola Tesla who was brilliant but unable to hold on to money, or Stephen Hawking who was completely physically debilitated.

  • Leaders in the self-help industry like Wayne Dyer who helped millions, but couldn't overcome abusive behavior, drug and sex addictions.

  • Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe or anyone else who died before their time.

This pertains to political figures, athletes, the famous as well as the common individual. Join Mas as he explains how this is connected to the role of the father and family lineage.

In this free online, live seminar Mas will reveal:

  • The 5 father personalities that affect your success quotient

  • How to overcome them once and for all

Mas will also select participants to demonstrate how quickly these defeating patterns can be deleted with Exponential Intelligence Programming (EIP).

This event is only for those who are ready for transformation and to take responsibility. If you are not prepared for real change or to accept complete personal responsibility for your life, we ask that you do not join to ensure that most effective and efficient mastermind group.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
6pm PT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET

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