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Frequency Spa 3AM Meditation | Significant Success Initiation for 2019 | Online

Mas Sajady Programs | Frequency Spa

Frequency Spa #78:

Tuesday, Jan 1st | 1am PT / 3am CT / 4am ET


Significant Success Initiation

"I have flipped from wearing luxury items to hide who I am to wearing these items to now fully reflect who I am." ~ Aaron, 40, Banker, London.  

Anyone embarking on a personal journey toward the pursuit of higher achievement craves true fulfillment. Yet rarely does conventional success bring true happiness without realizing one's significant self-worth. 

Conventional Success: Pursuing success for social approval, to mask one's deep insecurities. 

Significant Success: Attaining success for personal fulfillment, to reflect one's true self-worth. 

Mas Work has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe take their life to the next level. At 3am, 1/1/2019, the most optimal hour of a powerful alignment, Mas Sajady will usher in the new year by initiating those who are ready into the New Business Paradigm, helping you achieve not only success in life but also significance in the world.


Tuesday, Jan 1st
1am PT / 3am CT / 4am ET


$49 (50 min - live call + replay) | Visit the Frequency Spa to register

Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.