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Human Reset - Physics of Worldly Wealth Workshop #4 | Online


Human Reset - Physics of Worldly Wealth Workshop #4

Saturday, October 23rd | 8am PT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET
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In this 1.5 hour workshop, acquire timeless wealth or Exponential Intelligence (EI) wealth, which is not a circumstance of physical possession, but a lasting physical reflection of your balanced state of being. Join Mas as he helps you to:

  • Reset distorted definitions of wealth and fortune

  • Learn what it means to feel the deep security we all crave

  • Find out the true origins of secure wealth which doesn’t originate in the physical world

  • Find out why money is such a powerful motivator, so strong that people kill and sell their souls for it

  • Learn why money is considered sinful in many religions and spiritual schools of thought

  • Discover the real meaning of 'money is the root of all evil'

  • Dismantle the myth of sinfulness and see how wealth is a necessity for spiritual growth and completion

  • Understand the spiritual value of money and how it benefits you in this life and beyond

  • Access the natural flow of wealth that the universe provides

  • Instill patterns of the wealthy without the negative costs and sacrifice

  • Gain access to the consciousness used by successful investors

  • Develop a mindset to help eliminate unnecessary risk, build and preserve wealth, and obtain financial freedom

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