“In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these two means, man can attain perfection.”  ~ Plato


Work with Mas | Live + Replays
The 21 Day Medihealing® Program

The Mas Sajady 21 Day Medihealing® Program is a powerful tool to help support and accelerate total abundance in all areas of your life; health, wealth, love and self.  Medihealing is a guided meditation & healing in one. Mas reviews and elevates the individual and group's vibration. Collectively the group creates power, known as the Mastermind, which allows individuals to shift even further with the group than they could have done on their own.

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Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Sajady Fit offers personal fitness and nutrition programs tailored specifically to you.

They take into account your previous training experience, injuries, goals, and a few other factors to custom build an exercise and nutrition program to get you where you want to be.

They're with you every step of the journey.

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OPTION THREE | Best Value & Most Impactful

COMBO PACKAGES (Option 1 + Option 2 + 4 Bonuses)

Work with Mas & Alex
The 21 Day Program + SAJADYFIT 'Optimum Lifestyle' Program


6-Month or 1-Year Combo Package Options

• Twice Daily Medihealing with Mas, LIVE
  (21 Days, 21 Minutes, 2 Times/Day)

• Fitness & Nutrition Coaching with Alex & Team
  (Updated Every 2 weeks & 24/7 Online Support)



Four (4) Bonus Medihealings® | Live Calls + Replays
Fitness Reset + Fitness Motivation + Fitness Discipline
+ Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing®

Fitness Reset

Join Mas in this exclusive FIT 360 Medihealing where he will completely reset your approach and understanding of fitness at a spirit level so you are poised for lasting change and true fitness success.  Most of us have been bogged down with misleading dietary guidelines, quick fixes or erroneous exercise and nutrition advice that we are left feeling lost and uninspired. In this Medihealing, Mas will erase all of the fitness and nutrition habits you may have previously developed so that you are left with a clean slate from which to embark upon your new lifestyle. From this state, you will be able to more effortlessly integrate effective and transformational changes in your life and become the physical representation of your best self!

In the Fitness Reset Medihealing®, Mas will help you to:

• Erase old habits so you are prepared to manifest and integrate new, effective ones
• Delete the baggage of any past failures so you feel renewed
• Bring in a comprehensive and deeper understanding of 360 degrees of fitness and health well beyond anything you learned before
• Overcome fears or hesitations about your capability and propensity to be truly fit
• Instill a sense of clarity and cleanliness that will leave you perfectly positioned to tap into your physical greatness

(Retail Value $100)

Fitness Motivation

Change your frequencies at a spirit level so you feel naturally and internally motivated to push your body into optimal health and feel effortlessly drawn to go to the gym to ramp up your strength training or physical exercise! Your spirit wants nothing more than to fully be in your physical body. Mas will help to open up the lines of communication between your spirit and your physicality so that you will be naturally driven to make the changes to your existence so you can see how miraculously powerful you are from the inside-out.
In the Fitness Motivation Medihealing®, Mas will work with your spirit to:

• Remove former feelings of distaste or apathy towards physical fitness and health
• Integrate an authentic eagerness to tackle fitness challenges – both for nutrition and exercise
• Feel the exhilaration that accompanies physical activity and improvements in health
• Experience an undeniable drive and excitement towards physical transformation
• Heighten your awareness to your spirit's natural pull towards complete health and fitness and the access it gives to the boundless joys and thrills of this world

(Retail Value $100)

Fitness Discipline

With great discipline, comes great change. Take your fitness and physical health to the next level by instilling unwavering frequencies of discipline and strength. Join Mas in this Medihealing where he will work with your spirit to meticulously craft the spiritual programming to help you commit and adhere to your physical transformation. With true internal and spiritual change you will not falter or fail, you will persevere through the most challenging temptations or painful physical feats. With true fitness discipline you will emerge into the physical presence that has always been available to you.  
In the Fitness Discipline Medihealing®, Mas will help you to:
• Reduce the strength of your pain body or any feelings of self-doubt that may be lingering
• Remove the limiting feelings of non-commitment or fear of success
• Instill powerful frequencies of discipline and self-control to command significant physical change
• Evoke a sense of delight or temptation when facing the physical challenges before you
• Awaken the full integration of physical body and spirit that will not tolerate anything but your best

(Retail Value $100)

+PLUS | Pre-Workout Motivation Medihealing®

Fire up your physical system and spiritual frequencies with this fast and effective 5 minute pre-workout Medihealing. Mas will generate highly energized frequencies that will help you rev up your adrenal system and focus your mind for a workout that will deliver maximum results! (Retail Value $50)


Combo Packages Registration

6-Month Combo Package | $1,500 (Save $758)
Include: 6-Months' 21-Day Medihealing Program, 6-Months' Fitness Program. 4 Bonuses
One Payment | $1,500 | Click to Register
OR, Three Payments | $510 x 3 months | Click to Register

12-Month Combo Package | $2,850 (Save $1,316)
Include: 12-Months' 21-Day Medihealing Program, 12-Months' Fitness Program. 4 Bonuses
One Payment | $2,850 | Click to Register
OR, Three Payments | $960 x 3 months | Click to Register


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