Mas Sajady Program: Frequency Lullaby

Frequency Lullaby | Keeping the Magic Within

We are born unto this world fresh and beautiful.  As a child, we light up from within.  We are more closely connected to Pure Source and can feel the connection somewhere deep in our existence.  As children, we walk through life with bright, sparkling eyes seeing the beauty that connects us all.  But overtime, this light is dulled and our spirit is dampened with mistruths and distortions. It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this delightfully, upbeat Lullaby Mas will embrace your child with frequencies that will help them to hold onto this mystical bliss that originates in all of us. Mas will work to keep the magic within your child, fresh, uncovered and untainted so they are able to see this physical world through spiritual eyes. 

Keeping the Magic Within

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

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