Frequency Lullaby | Spiritual Protection

Around every corner, in all stages of life there will be people ready to take advantage of spirits, to bully them, abuse them or bring them down into darkness. Destructive entities search for spirits on which to prey.  They will compromise your child's spirit resulting in the appearance of a lost, sad child, emotional instability, or poor health. 

In this Lullaby, Mas will remove frequencies of abuse and vulnerability as well as reinforce frequencies of strength and protection.  This Lullaby will help to install filters so that your child’s spirit remains clear of dark frequencies and harmful energies.  They will be able to journey more confidently in their own space, unafraid and un-intimidated by anyone or anything seeking victims.  Your child’s spirit will attract healthy situations and environments that will lighten their path towards a secure and full spiritual expansion. 

Spiritual Protection

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

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