Mas Sajady Free Sunday Services
at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

LHSC | Minneapolis, MN

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota offers a vibrant, spiritually diverse community, which honors and explores the unique connection to the Divine within all. Through its commitment to personal development, contribution to the expansion of global consciousness occurs.  LHSC maintains a beautiful environment that is available to members and non-members of the greater twin cities community.

The mission of LHSC is to provide a place where this diverse, welcoming community can come together to cultivate their own spirituality. LHSC is an established, credible and safe place to explore, search, question, and walk your personal path.

Mas Sajady is honored to have participated in and guided a number of free Sunday service programs for Lake Harriet Spitual Community. This historic center and heartfelt community have been a supportive space for sharing the wisdom and grace of Pure Source.

Please enjoy reviewing the following free videos, recorded to infuse the healing frequencies of Pure Source for all to benefit and transform from, beyond the perceived limitations of space and time.

Additional Mas Sajady Program Videos to Review

Free Mas Sajady Programs Available
to All for Review