FREQUENCY SERIES |  Live & MP3 Intensive Medihealings® Series

The Frequency Series is a sequence of powerful Medihealings® to provide cumulative reprogramming and support through important life challenges and opportunities, or in some cases, to address intense, unrelenting distortions and frequencies. 

The series is comprised of two parts: the Fundamentals and the Intensive and is designed to give your spirit the fortified and elevated energetic space, time and support it needs to effectively take on and transform your life. 

  • 1. Fundamentals (The Knowledge) ( Free ) will prepare you to go deeper into your clearing and more effectively edit your programming. 

  • 2. Intensive (The Work) offers a systematic process to target stubborn frequencies and rule-sets and create the shift to bring about change in your existence.

Please note, the Frequency Series replays are equally as effective as the live sessions. You may listen to the replays as much as needed; allow yourself to be inwardly guided as you go through the series. Please be sure to give yourself space for rest and self-care. Additionally, you may bring in a loved one simply by thinking of them at the beginning of each session. 

The Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed with any part of the Frequency Series. Please note registering for any part of the Frequency Series
automatically constitutes agreement with the policy and waiver.
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A Free Resource for Strengthening & Preparing for Deeper Work

In order to adequately prepare for the magnitude and intensity of the life-changing, deeper work of the Intensive portion in the Frequency Series, significant preparation must be done to strengthen one’s mental fortitude and emotional maturity. The Frequency Series Fundamentals is a set of progressive and supportive calls and resources that will prepare and strengthen you to break through with maximum result.




Free & Included with the Abuse Recovery Intensive

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Turning Abuse into the Foundation for Success

Abuse Fundamental on Awareness
- What is abuse?
- How has humanity used abuse as a source of control?
Why does abuse harm both the perpetrator and the victim?
- How do successful people use abuse to guide them into further success?
- More... 

What Destroys You Nourishes You

Abuse Fundamental on Relationships
- Why and how do we attract abuse?
- Why do people cheat on or leave a good, loving relationship to be in an abusive relationship?
- How can we shift the way people treat us?
- Why do people fall out of love with one another?
- More...

Why Most People Are Not Wealthy,
& Why Most Wealthy Are Not Happy

Abuse Fundamental on Wealth
- Can money, intellect or success abuse us?
- Why do people destroy themselves, their relationships, their health for more money?
- Is money really a physical representation/signifier of how much we are worth?
- What is the best way to create non-distorted wealth?
- More...

The #MeToo Movement & How to Grow from It

Abuse Fundamental on Parenting
- What does parenting have to do with the #metoo movement?
- Is there a purpose why men and women were created the way they were?
- How do children learn from the frequencies their parents are running?
- What are some predominant reasons why many women get married? Men?
- More...

Turning Abuse into Homeopathic Medicine

Abuse Fundamentals on Health
- How can we get to the core level of our issues in order to release illness and disease?
- How can we change our DNA?
- How do our familial lineage patterns become our distortions and then abuse us?
- How can the Abuse Intensive help those who have addictions?
- More..