Graceful Crossing
A Medihealing® for Our Beloved Ones in Transition

This special Medihealing is created for people who are at the very last stage of this earthly existence and waiting to return Home to Pure Source.  

From what Mas had been informed in his deep meditations, which was later confirmed by his healing experience – the actual experience of death is very important. 

Our state of mind and the level of consciousness at the time of death can influence the quality of our next incarnation. As people step into the final stage of life, in spite of the great variety of earthly experiences they have accumulated, if they make a sincere effort to attain purity in consciousness, they can elevate their frequencies to experience a graceful crossing and a blissful reincarnation.  

The ‘Graceful Crossing Healing’ serves to strengthen the connection between Pure Source and a person at their final stage of life. It works at frequency level to bring grace to their crossing by: 

  • Relieving disturbance and anxiety about death   
  • Dissolving the fear of ‘meeting the maker’ or ‘going to hell’
  • Erasing negative frequency imprints from trauma and drama
  • Bringing acceptance to all life experiences, ‘good’ and ‘bad’
  • Familiarizing the mind with the processes of death 
  • Instilling the joy and yearning of returning Home to Source
  • Strengthening the Pure Source connection at every moment of living/crossing/rebirthing 

According to Dalai Lama: The actual point of death is when the most profound and beneficial inner experiences can come about. Through repeated acquaintance with the processes of death in meditation, an accomplished meditator can use their actual death to gain great spiritual realization and bring about a happy rebirth.

Product Details:

One Medihealing, Three Styles: Graceful Crossing is a 30min Medihealing presented in three styles to suit various moods/audiences/environments, etc… The tracks are professionally recorded and all three have exactly the same healing properties.  

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Medihealing (Mas’ voice only)

Track 3: Music - encoded with the healing frequencies of track 2
               (Mas’ voice is faintly audible)

Track 4: Medihealing (foreground) & Music (background)
               (Both audible & flow in harmony)

Because the tone of Mas’ voice and the words he is guided to speak during the session carry healing frequencies, the speaking words will be faintly audible in track 3. Mas’ voice will integrate with the flow of the music enhancing the effectiveness of the healing.  

We suggest looping your favorite or all three tracks on low volume throughout the day or night to immerse the environment and consciousness with Pure Source healing frequencies.  

Price includes all three tracks. Tracks are not sold individually.  

Note: Graceful Crossing is not intended to assist suicides. Please click here for our FREE Public Service Medihealing to help overcome suicidal tendencies.  

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A Message from Mas: Helping yourself and loved ones understand the significance of the dying moment is a beautiful gift.  Death is a natural process of life.  It is a reality all of us will experience as long as we remain in this earthly existence.   To strengthen our spiritual practice and achieve the optimal state of consciousness to welcome a graceful crossing is one of the most profound gifts you may ever give another.  Take it from someone who did it twice – “death is immensely, indescribably, beautiful”. 

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