We are excited to announce....
We are creating an exclusive MAStermind Group for the alumni of the HealingMAStery Advanced Program.  All members of the MAStermind Group are welcome to sit in on future classes of HealingMAStery Advanced Program.


Participation is for alumni of the HealingMAStery Advanced Program only. HealingMAStery Full program graduates are not yet eligible to join this MAStermind Group. 


As our first class of HealingMAStery Advanced students graduated from the program experiencing major shifts and elevations of frequency, they sincerely expressed their desire to quietly sit in on future HMA classes to continue their vibrational expansion. Mas tapped into Pure Source and realized that the synergy of a larger group would be substantially beneficial for both old and new HMA students; they would experience a more powerful upgrade due to the mastermind connection, as well as an increased purity of intention, great networking and support from like-minded people who are on the same path. 

Therefore, we are inviting HealingMAStery Advanced alumni to form a MAStermind Group and create an even more powerful experience for all participants. All alumni who choose to be a part of this experience will meditate quietly in a dedicated space either in or nearby the classroom, depending on the venue. This will give alumni the proximity to be immersed in the potent HMA frequencies, while respectfully creating the space for the current class to experience a quality time with Mas. 

HealingMAStery MAStermind Group Registration

Eligibility: Alumni of the HealingMAStery Advanced Program Only

$700 per person | In-Person | 25 spots only
$650 per person | Online
Current HMA Location: San Diego, CA

Venue location & details will be emailed to confirmed registrants.
*Excludes the private reception and Saturday lunch.  Alumni may bring their own lunch and attend the Sunday forum/Q&A.
All group guided and silent Medihealings of the HMA will be recorded.
Saturday & Sunday lunch will not be recorded.
**Please note the recordings will take place ONLY during group activities, not private. 
Both in-person and remote tickets include replay access.
Remote attendees can participate in the live HMA sessions via phone/internet, or download the replays.

Registration links will be sent via private email.
All Sales are final and non-refundable.

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