How to Use The 21-Day Dashboard

Please note: There are no active links in this How-To-Guide, just pictures and text.  You cannot login from this page. Please refer to the access link provided in your confirmation email.

The 21 Day Page

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The Web Access Links allow you to join each session live online. They are also the replay links. You are encouraged to download the recordings as soon as possible, as the 21 Day Dashboard expires as soon as a few months. Other options to join the call are by phone.

The Conference ID/PIN and Password are needed to access the calls live (Phone or Web Call).

 Q&A comment box for asking questions, or by phone or web call dial *2 to raise your hand.

Q&A comment box for asking questions, or by phone or web call dial *2 to raise your hand.

Back Up Recording & Asking Questions to Mas: If no replay is available, you can access the call replay through the Back Up Recording. You will need to scroll forward 15 min to reach the start of the recording. The Question & Answers with Mas portion of the call is located in the back up recording. Press *2 to raise your hand if you are connected by phone or web call. If you are connected by webcast, there is a Q&A comment box for submitting questions.

Accessing Calls - Phone / Webcall / Webcast (Also the Replay Link)

 Selections for connecting to the live call

Selections for connecting to the live call

For all events you can determine your local start time here:

If you are connecting by phone, here is the full list of local numbers: 

For directions on how to connect and participate by Phone/ Webcall/ Webcast, Click Here

The Webcast page is also the Replay Page where you can download the MP3. Please see below under the "Webcast" section for further details.


 Webcast - After a Call & How to Download Replays

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The webcast link is also the replay page. On the Replay Page you are able to download the recording as an MP3. Click on the Download link to import the MP3 to your computer.