Hello, Mas and Angel team

I have been participating 21 days for about a year mainly with foundational program.
Since the time I remember I was a person who is depressed, suppressed, full of fear and guilt, of low self esteem, anger and sadness.

In July 2018 I got to know about him through an interview video and immediately went to his website and enrolled in a program.
I could just trust him and was even glad to know about him.

For the first half year after I started clearing work with 21 days program, I had a serious detox which was horribly fearful.
To overcome this fear I read the testimonials over and over and listend to any of his programs many hours everyday.
They said they got stronger and stronger and calmness came to them.
Frankly speaking I could not believe it during the first detox period.. It felt like walking in the darkness without knowing when I could reach to the exit.

But I didn’t know other way but keeping on doing Mas’s meditation.
I had to wait until some part of my garbage go away and detox ends.
Actually I did not want to give up. Giving up was more scary.

I would explain what my state is at the moment.
Depression has disappeared and I feel some kind of freedom even though I still need to confront my garbage for conforming deletions.
What I can tell you is that I definitely feel getting stronger.

I am in a very basic level in EI and have to think over and over ‘what is EI way to conform deletions in my everyday situation’ being confused.
However I definitely feel subtle changes inside me and I would thank Mas and Angel team for the work you do.

Thank you!!


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
⦿ I give Mas Sajady, Inc. permission to publicly use this information.

This information was submitted voluntarily, free from compensation of any kind.