*Kristine S

It is out of free will that I work with Mas. I never have been made to feel any pressure to work with Mas. I do believe that you have to personally take responsibility for the changes in your life and that is the hard part. As you do learn how to see the distortions in your life and sometimes it is not pretty. Life does take a lot of turns that you don’t expect. Certainly not easy to fix yourself. Once you go through a lot of ups and downs and take control, things smooth out. During the transformation it is hard and not for everyone. You can leave at anytime it is always your choice and It doesn’t bother Mas if you do. I think people that need a savior struggle with this. This is self work. And very hard. Mas helps me see things differently and open to all possibilities. A true friend who tells the truth even when it hurts and really is there to support you when you decide you need it. He doesn’t force anything. I am my own person more than ever before. That is his gift to us. We own ourselves! I won the lottery! I am free!


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
⦿ I give Mas Sajady, Inc. permission to publicly use this information.

This information was submitted voluntarily, free from compensation of any kind.