I have worked with Mas for some years now. When I found Mas, I was severely distorted. Over the years of working with Mas, I have become so much healthier in every way. I am stronger, more knowledgeable and can see how I affect my life and existence. I went through phases of detox where thoughts came up making me think it was Mas or the process that was messing me up, thats total bs. Thats the pain body and for me it was powerful but I knew deep down, Mas was helping me pull all the garbage out so I could see it and delete it. This process is powerful and it is swift. Without any doubt, I would not be where I am today and likely wouldn't be breathing right now if I hadn't found Mas. Mas has helped me understand at a deeper level what it is to be strong, to be disciplined (which I am still building), to be centered, how to live at higher frequencies and how to define myself more clearly than ever before. All of this is a continued work as it never really ends. I will always become a higher version of me because of what I have and will continue to learn working with Mas. I am so very thankful for Mas and Teams work, dedication and support. They are true friends who hold the highest intent and are clear and pure enough to apply it to help anyone find themselves at the deepest levels they are willing to go. To those who are directly or indirectly attacking Mas, you’re wrong 100%. Do your work on yourself, allow yourself to let all the shit go and find your true self because where you are living right now isn’t the highest version of you, I would even say it likely isn't even you at all. Mas, Team and the process will help if you let them. It comes down to you letting yourself be your best. Nobody can do it for you but there is some amazing help available. Your choice... To those on the path to our to our purest potential, we’re doing it! We have such a massive group with unstoppable momentum, we can only succeed! Thank you Mas and Team! Tallion


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