Lari C

About 2 years ago a friend attended Conscious Life Expo. She met Mas and told me about him. I researched the web and found info. That was how I saw one of the defamatory Web "stories" from this woman who preceded to say how Mind Controlling and sexually abusive Mas was to her and her children. She meticulously described the mind control process ( I was aware and informed on the subject) and she was extremely convincing about Mas (which I was not aware or informed of), so she managed to get me to turn away. Fast forward 2 years or so. My life was falling to pieces, my daughter on opiates- fentanyl, and on the streets unreachable, hence the loss of my 2 granddaughters as well, my son an drinking into a stupor and depressed over the loss of my daughter and my arm broken so I was out of work and self-employed, I really needed help. Luckily, my friend and yoga teacher, Karen, asked me to try Mas' 21 day program in May of this year. I haven't stopped to date and I am consuming the frequencies as fast and as much as I can. My life is unrecognizable from the beginning of this year. I gave up all substances, that were killing me and am beginning to see how I really am, AWESOME! Thank you for bring me back from the deep depression, wanting to leave this earth and all the self-destruction of substance abuse. There is so much more, but not enough words to say how thankful I am that you graciously share your work with those of us who want to listen. or you Mas Sajady! Bless you and with so much Love, Lari


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
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