Holly S

I’ve been working with Mas for several years now and he has helped me tremendously in my life. One thing he always stresses is how we are responsible for our own healing. Mas simply helps us help ourselves. He never claims to be a doctor, guru, or leader. He never forces anyone to do anything, but simply provides the information so we can chose for ourselves. I’ve never felt judged, controlled, or forced into his teachings/ insights. The work Mas does is a huge service to the world to help us do better, feel better, and have more awareness. In the end, it’s all up to us.

And on a side note, I’m still learning to do this. Since our patterning and programs are engrained in us, I reach out to Mas to help me remove them since he is able to reach higher frequencies and I’m not able to this on my own, yet. This is where Mas is different from other practitioners. There have been several instances where I needed help shifting and Mas has been able to do it because I was ready for change. But again, it’s my choice to ask for his help as we all have free will.

Mas is an incredible healer and the information he has on all subjects help people have more awareness and in making better choices. We are all striving to live our best lives and Mas can help us get there. Anyone who thinks differently has the choice to not listen to him or attend his talks. It’s that simple.

Mas, thank you a million times over for your help and support.


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
⦿ I give Mas Sajady, Inc. permission to publicly use this information.

This information was submitted voluntarily, free from compensation of any kind.