Lisa P

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury, I made more progress with Mas on the 21-day, IGH, and frequency spas in 5 months, than I had managed in the previous 5 years.

Completely bedridden, what I could manage was having the phone receiver laying on my bed pillow, and laying there immobile listening to healing telesummits day after day, month after month, searching for that particular resonant pathway to healing.

There are so many good things that we can do for ourselves, and I've found it's a matter of doing the right good thing at the right time and being able to discern that path. When Mas first came on one of the telesummits, my whole body resonated with the frequency of clarity, and I had found the step up so that I could continue with my journey. His energy was so clear, it was almost euphoric.

It's not a matter of becoming another person. It's a matter of truly becoming myself, myself without the frequency distortions that fractured the path of healing. I am so deeply grateful as I continue on my healing journey and see the unfolding as well of Mas' journey, and how as he progresses, we all gain access to those higher levels. Is there even a term to describe how truly transformative the experience has been to continue to become my significant self?


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