I've met Mas Sajady in April 2012 in San Francisco during the Living Expo event and am still benefiting from his work. His approach resonates immensely with my spiritual, psychological, emotional and physiological needs so much that I still find myself getting engaged in 21Day, or frequency spa, or well-being sessions... Or numerous freebies. And - No - I've never felt cheated, overpriced, used or miss-informed. Quiet the opposite. I've never felt as free as I am since I've experienced the power(s) of Mas Sajady' effect.

And, of course, I have to mention how grateful I am for the customer service provided by his team! That deserves a whole new paragraph... Really.

Thank You And Many Blessings,

A.B., California

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Sandra H

I have been listening to Mas Sajady speak, and experienced many of his Medi Healings as well as participated in several weekend events over the past 7 years. He has ALWAYS displayed the utmost integrity on every occasion.

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Janet R

My work with Mas has benefitted me greatly. I'm on a better path now. I have nothing but praise for Mas and am grateful he is helping raise the consciousness of our world.

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It is so unfortunate that Mas and loved ones/friends have had to deal with this type of behavior. I hope the resolution is quick and complete. I am grateful for Mas’s work and commitment. Our life is better for it!! ?

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Carolin C

I have worked with Mas for about 4 years now through participating in the 21Day Medihealing program, many IGH session online and in person programs in the US and in Europe.

Before working with Mas I had tried so many different therapies and other approaches, to help me to get out of a controlling and abusive family situation, but no matter what I tried I kept on being stuck and I suffered from a feeling of low self esteem, fear and doubt. During the last years and especially the last two years my life changed on so many levels and I feel that I get stronger and stronger. My strength now comes from within, and I live from beautiful sense of completeness.

My family situation has changed and I got very close to my mum over last 3 years.Before I had a conflictual relationship with her. When she crossed over last year she was in a beautiful state and we could all benefit from these harmonious moments, due to my work with Mas.

Also my son benefited from his work, he has become much more mature and a strong man.

I can highly recommend Mas's work for anyone who feels deeply stuck. His work is genuine, kind, openhearted and very effective. He goes into the deep engrained patterns, and can help where hardly anybody else can - as far as I know !

Thank you so much Mas for your beautiful work !

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Guy A

I was made homeless because of the bank crash . I was placed in temporary housing . In the may of that year . Mas had his first visit to the UK . I booked a ticket to see Mas and a one day return from Birmingham west midlands to London . A tripe of 220 miles . I made the tripe seen Mas then head back to Birmingham by coach afterwards . The day after I have a viewing for two flats . The first flat viewing was a group views there where two girls ahead of me . They got the flat . The next viewing it was just me . I'm still here now nearly 5 years later in my home . This I would swear in a court of law . If you need anymore information contact me.

Guy A

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Lin W

Mas has always been professional, effective, and trustworthy. I offer my full support to Mas and urge any authorities reviewing this text to recognize the legal actions against Mas as the tragic symptoms of delusion, mental illness, and projections that they are.

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I have experienced healing as a result of my interactions with Mas. I believe that he is of the highest intent and a gifted healer.

Thank you, Mas and Blessings to you and yours!

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Lisa P

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury, I made more progress with Mas on the 21-day, IGH, and frequency spas in 5 months, than I had managed in the previous 5 years.

Completely bedridden, what I could manage was having the phone receiver laying on my bed pillow, and laying there immobile listening to healing telesummits day after day, month after month, searching for that particular resonant pathway to healing.

There are so many good things that we can do for ourselves, and I've found it's a matter of doing the right good thing at the right time and being able to discern that path. When Mas first came on one of the telesummits, my whole body resonated with the frequency of clarity, and I had found the step up so that I could continue with my journey. His energy was so clear, it was almost euphoric.

It's not a matter of becoming another person. It's a matter of truly becoming myself, myself without the frequency distortions that fractured the path of healing. I am so deeply grateful as I continue on my healing journey and see the unfolding as well of Mas' journey, and how as he progresses, we all gain access to those higher levels. Is there even a term to describe how truly transformative the experience has been to continue to become my significant self?

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Meeting working with Mas Sajady and following Exponential Intellgence is a door opened inward ... now living life guiding effortlessly knowing the integrity of my heart respecting this as unlimited freedom. The truth of being living at ease now beyond the confines of a life tossed by the sea of emotional upheavals while present in all situations. Experience is EI guided me past limiting patterns accumulated into boundless space of connection to what is at all times. Only appreciation.

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Working with Mas and listening to his podcasts have been an eye opening experience. I feel I have become stronger and more confident individual.

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Karin M

I feel deep in my heart that Mas is real and doing "Only" Good !to humanity there is nothing but nothing sinister with him only light and good ment action and....I love him and his work helping humanity to become selfaware and selfresponsible . I live in Sweden and cant effort meeting him. If I would have the money I would like to meet him in person because in my world he is one of the most AMAZING human beeing on this planet ....I could go on talking the hole night like this because I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. I can see in the videos that his help is inmediaet and really profound...thank you for beeing part of the awakening times here on planet earth Mas....hope to meet you soon in person

lots of love to you and your beloved ones and to your supporting team

sincerely karin

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Vandorn H

My wife and I have attended a Mas Sajady presentation. We have also watched as Mas has continuously shared his gifts far and wide touching the lives of many in supremely positive ways. My wife and I stand in solidarity with Mas Sajady. We recognize in him a most sincere desire to be of assistance to all of humankind.

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I am experiencing a growing freedom from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pain from a very extreme and distorted family lineage.

It's been tough work yet I've experienced more benefit from working with Mas than I have in the previous 25+ years of working with 20+ practitioners.

I'm deeply grateful that I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and moving towards a purer version of myself.

Much love and gratitude to you Mas.

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I have been working with Mas for several years and have experienced an enormous amount of growth, expansion, and physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual improvement in my life. Mas has exposed me to ideas and knowledge that has helped expand my own personal viewpoints in a way that enhances my life experience and interactions with the world around me. This journey has challenged my belief systems and helped to identify and remove unnecessary thought patterns and behaviours that were no longer serving me and humanity as a whole. His work and that of his team are a true gift to the world and so I support that which Mas has to offer. I recommend him highly to anybody who wished to be a part of the new consciousness that is swooping across humanity.

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Elizabeth L

Mas has helped guide me with numerous indescribable changes in my life

most recently has helped me get through the very difficult passing of my mother. he’s helped me focus on problem areas of my life and draw in the things that I wanted to attract and detox thing negative habits that I could not seem to release myself from

my finances have never been better. My family relationships are getting better. For the first time in my life I never have to worry about money He doesn’t make any false promises he lets everyone excel at their own pace and tries to prepare you for the challenging parts thst might come along the way. I am very grateful to Mas and his loving energy. I’ve introduced him to my sibling and her autistic nephew who connected with him in a way he had never connected with any other person on the planet. The spiritual connection between them was Palpable. So grateful that i have found a way to meditate and continue my spiritual evolvement st the deepest level available. Namaste.

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Norma D

I have participated in numerous programs offered by Mas Sajady over the past five and a half years. He is a man of integrity and love. I admire his unwavering commitment and endless energy in bringing positive change to those who are drawn to him. I am at my best when my days begin and end in meditation with Mas, what better way to face this ever-challenging world we live in.

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*Ania K

I have witnessed transformation not only within myself but also my sister’s life be transformed due to the 21 Day Medihealing Foundational Programme. Thank you Mas and Team

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