Alice A.

I first o Mas Sajady in August of 2015, exactly 4 years ago. I contacted him and his team and have worked with him ever since. Unfortunately only online because I don't live in America. The accusations against him make me both angry and want to laugh out loud because they seem so ridiculous for a man who has literally dedicated his life to helping people become spiritually awakened!

In the era of child trafficking and paedophilia (J. Epstein etc) it's very easy for someone to accuse others of these crimes. It's very easy only if the accuser has no conscience whatsoever and/or has personal gain to expect from the accused!

I am very sorry to see Mas go through this lunacy and I send him my love and support, sure that the truth will prevail, which is that the allegations against him have been manufactured by a sick and manipulative person and are totally false!


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
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This information was submitted voluntarily, free from compensation of any kind.