Fiona M.

I spent 2 years running back and forward to doctors and specialists, all of whom advised me that there was nothing wrong with me and one doctor even told me to go home and breath into a brown paper bag!!!!! 30 seconds into my call with Mas, he was able to identify that my circulatory system was impaired due to blood sugar issues or pre-diabates......long story short, I went back to the specialists got checked for pre-diabetes and what do you know, 2 years later and sugar free mum and family.......I got my life back!!! I do all the 21 days, as many IGH's as I can afford and the abuse series.......what I've learned is this.....I feel the frequencies being removed or altered, but like a bent over tree, once it has been put back into a standing position (heavy distortions removed) it needs encouragement to stay standing, and that is my job......I make the effort to hold that tree up by whatever means possible until it is strong enough to stay standing by itself. Usually doing the 21 days and staying connected in this present time moment, in my physical body is the effort required!! I feel perfectly safe working with Mas and I have absolutely no hesitation in allowing him to work with my children even ask me to speak to Mas and can't wait to see him again in our country.....hint, hint!!! Chuckle!!!


⦿ I have both benefited from and support the work and service of Mas Sajady.
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