Intellectual Mastery

One-on-One Mentoring: 
Mas will work one-on-one with select individuals to help generate lasting and significant success. This program offers personalized, in-depth work to help clear underlying distortions, achieve sustainable success in all aspects of life and maximize full human potential. 

  • 30 minute sessions, minimum of 8 sessions, starting at $10,000 per person 

Because of the intense nature of this work, requests are individually reviewed and offered to those Mas feels can handle the rigor of achieving significant success and are subject to availability.  

Group Coaching: 
Mas works with both large and small groups to help bring them into greater alignment as well as optimize efficiency, productivity, fulfillment and prosperity both individually and as a collective. 

  • 30 minute sessions, minimum 8 sessions, minimum 2 members, pricing varies

To request group work with Mas, please submit the application form below. 

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Mas Sajady does not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness. Mas Sajady does not claim to provide medical treatment, financial advice, or legal guidance. Mas Sajady and Mas Sajady Inc. are not liable for any outcome that may occur from doing vibrational work on people, including remotely through others. Please consult a trained medical, legal or financial professional before making important decisions on these matters. The only thing Mas claims to do is support awakening the natural transformational forces within you; all results that occur thereafter are created by your own energy and actions.