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"It's Complicated"
A Valentine's Series - Special, Private Oracle Circle

5 Hour MP3

The Private Oracle Circle is an exclusive event designed for advanced students who have acquired in-depth understanding of Mas’ teachings but are still hungry for more; those who have been ready for the next level, yet still need some guidance to break through.

"It's Complicated" is all about relationships — an in-depth discussion and hands-on healing by the water in San Diego (or online) on complicated matters of the heart.

- Love, lust and dust of the romance
- Devotion and betrayal of the heart
- Jealousy, insecurity and unconditional love
- Monogamy, human nature and conscious separation & more ...

The in-person event consists of a reception, intimate Oracle Circle meditation, hands-on healing, one-on-one session (within the Circle), In-depth discussion of advanced spiritual subjects, deep energy transmission, guided downloads, and personalized advice/message to each participant directly from Pure Source.

$300 - Full Event MP3 (5 hours) | Click for Replay

*Recorded in the San Diego area, by the water on Coronado Island | More Live Event Replays