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Love, Sex & Spirituality

Join Mas Sajady for an evening of exploration and meditation as we journey into the Heart of Love.  The event will take place in a lovely venue in 3e arrondissement in Central Paris. Venue details will be provided upon booking.

The evening will consist of 2 lectures focusing on different aspects of Love – the timeless love of Twin Flames, and the long-forgotten sacred connection between Spirituality and Sexuality.

There will be the opportunity to ask Mas questions during both events.

Soulmates, Twin Flames & Timeless Love

"When you connect with someone so strongly at the physical level that you disconnect from time, you get into a spiritual realm where time and space don't matter anymore." Mas Sajady

Join Mas for an intimate evening event as he explores 2 powerful types of relationships - Twin Flames and Soulmates, and the difference between them. 

During the event we will delve into many questions, such as:

·         Can you have multiple Soulmates? 
·         How do you find your Twin Flame? 
·         And what happens when you can’t find your Twin Flame?

We will also look at the most important relationship you could ever have, and the foundation for all other relationships – the relationship with yourself…

The event will include 2 meditations, during which you’ll strengthen the relationship with your Spirit and deepen your understanding of Soulmates and Twin Flames, so that you can create these relationships for yourself.

Spirituality, Sacred Loving and Divine Ecstasy

"Spiritual sex pulls you into your Spirit so much stronger when you are in that moment." Mas Sajady

This talk will look at the sacred connection between spirituality and sexuality, which has long been misconstrued, denied and distorted, and instead associated with guilt, shame and sin across cultures and religions for centuries.  Thus, many people believe that they must suppress physical pleasures to be spiritual - but the truth is just the opposite.

During his talk Mas will remind us that our spirits have come here to experience divinity through physical sensation, and that sexuality is Divine at essence. For indeed, when honored and celebrated as sacred, sexual energy is one of the most potent forces in propelling us toward spiritual awakening, and sexual energy and spiritual energy are in fact of the same source, vibrating the frequency of oneness.

The talk will include 2 meditations, during which Mas will work both on the physical and spirit levels, to help remove any blocks of shame/guilt and open you up to experience ecstasy with the Divine.  

Presented in English, Consecutive Interpretation in French.


Aired May 9, 2017 | More Live Event Replays