The 21 Day Medihealing® Program is Mas' powerful, core program. It offers daily, live Medihealing with Mas, in a collective group setting. This creates a powerful Mastermind which allows participants to move further forward together, than they would be capable of on their own. The combined force of Pure Source Medihealing and the group Mastermind allows participants to rapidly break free.   MORE
 The   Frequency Series is a sequence of powerful Medihealings® to provide cumulative reprogramming and support through important life challenges and opportunities, or in some cases, to address intense, unrelenting distortions and frequencies.  MORE
 Mas Sajady uses the term Significant Success to describe true, lasting success that is generated from within, serves our highest good and withstands the test of time. In this groundbreaking  program, Mas offers ongoing advanced series to propel you into embodying your fullest potential and attaining Significant Success in all facets of life.  MORE
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