Mas will be returning to the UK in April 2017

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Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for attending our London and Birmingham Events and for joining us at the Mind Body Spirit Festival.  We hope you found the experience of working with Mas both enjoyable and enlightening.  

Below we share some photos from the Events and some powerful Mas observations for you to take with you:

"As you ascend higher you need to master both sides - both the light and the dark" - Evening Event with Alternatives - 'Soul versus Spirit' at Regent's University, in beautiful Regent's Park, Central London.  

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"Tantric sex is great, but be clear first, be awake first and then you can ascend into those higher realms" - Evening Event with Tree of Life, Birmingham - 'Spirituality, Sacred Loving & Divine Ecstasy'.  

"The level of wealth that we have here... compared to what you're worth spiritually, it's just a drop in the bucket." - Event with Mind Body Spirit Festival, Birmingham - 'Filthy Rich & Spiritually Poor'.

"Where you are right now is exactly where you're meant to be... you didn't make any mistakes" - Event with Mind Body Spirit Festival, Birmingham - '10 Minutes to Change your Life'.

"The third eye is what you send out, the space above that is what you receive" - Evening Event with College of Psychic Studies, Kensington, London - 'Boost your Spiritual Awakening through your Third Eye'.  

"If your frequencies change, people around you naturally shift" - Evening Event, Central London - 'Change your Frequency, Change your Life'.

We know that some of you are new to Mas, and felt it might be helpful to share some details of our monthly calls/programs with you, so that you have ongoing support in connecting to your Spirit after our time together. Our recommendations are highlighted below. Through these programs and calls, you can continue to be propelled forwards with the help of the MAStermind and experience the momentum of opening up all aspects of your life to 360 degrees of Abundance.

We are also constantly striving to improve our customer experience and so would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to give us your feedback on our UK events.  Please see details of how to do this below under Client Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Warmest Regards,
Mas Sajady & Team.


Big Island and Kauai, Hawaii - December 16

Mas returns to the Garden Island, Kauai, from December 4th-10th for a three-day retreat to beautiful Waimea Canyon, as well as a series of powerful events at the St. Regis Resort in Hanalei Bay.

Our annual 3-day Kauai retreat is a private and exclusive experience, and involves unplugging from technology to be completely off the grid.  'Roughing it' with Mas allows you to harness the potency of your Spirit with the power of your physical faculties - your mind and body - to experience the beauty of Pure Source, through hiking in magical valleys of rolling meadows, relaxing under a starlit sky, and waking up to the refreshing scent of a pristine forest.  And...repeat!  


In addition, Mas will also be offering a Transformation Intensive Medihealing in Big Island, Hawaii on 3rd December - 1.5 hours of intensive Medihealings addressing the most relevant issues of the group.   This will be followed by Industrial-Strength Group Healing sessions (IGHs).

For more information on our Hawaii events, please click here.

Other Events in 2016 & 2017

We have a number of exciting and unusual events planned for 2016 into 2017, including Live events in California in December 2016, a trip to the UK and Paris in April & May 2017, and a 9-Day Mediterranean Cruise with Mas to Delphi, the Cradle of the Oracle, in October 2017.

The theme of the Cruise will be exploring 'Ancient Wisdoms & Timeless Truths'.  Treat yourself to an intimate experience of self-healing and transformation through discovering the influences of the cultures on your mind and the imprints of the ages in your Spirit.  

Mas will instill in you the clarity of ancient wisdoms by helping you access timeless truths of the Exponential Intelligence derived from his two Near Death Experiences and will explore the philosophies and teachings from ancient Greece, Rome and Persia, while bringing in frequencies of their sages and philosophers, and even some of the Gods and Goddesses to help enrich your spiritual understanding of physical existence.

There will be countless ah-ha moments during this nine-day cruise as your spirit tastes all facets of humanity, sexuality, ethics and morality through renewed perspectives on life and death, soul and body, from ancient societies to modern cultures.  

For more information on our Cruise please click here.

The Frequency Spa
A monthly Medihealing for beauty and vitality

This monthly rejuvenation Medihealing instills and provides continuous energetic support to re-enforce the frequency of beauty and youthfulness within you. Everything we are, everything that has ever existed, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Beauty, youthfulness and ideal weight are no exception. The way you look and feel is an expression of the current state and level of your vibration. This month our Frequency Spa was on:  


The Annual Energetic Upgrade (2016)

11:11 Activation is an annual energetic upgrade and our most popular Frequency Spa. This year this call was exceptionally powerful as Mas himself has been through some particularly potent upgrades.

The meaning behind 11:11 has long been the subject of many theories to bring forth its undeniable spiritual significance - in numerology (where the number 11 is a Master Number), in the Fibonacci Sequence (where it is tied into Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of Creation) and in Binary DNA Code (where 11.11 awakens all the possibilities in your dormant DNA).

During the 11:11 Activation, Mas helps integrate the vibrational significance of 11:11 with your unique Blueprint to activate a multitude of blessings, including greater intuition and clarity, greater courage to be authentic, faster and easier manifestation and stronger connection to Pure Source.

Since it’s a Frequency Spa call, it also addresses your specific anti-aging/beauty concerns on the frequency level since the last 11:11 Activation. You may feel more energetic, look brighter and more youthful after the call.

For more information please click here.

The Frequency Clinic
Two monthly Medihealings focused on Health

The Frequency Clinic is a Medihealing designed to target serious and chronic physical & mental ailments and can be participated in on behalf of yourself or your loved ones.  Each month two Frequency Clinics are offered, according to the needs of the moment.  

In November our featured Clinics, which take place on 21st November, are 'Anemia' and 'Social Anxiety'.

Anemia: A common blood disorder defined by a low red blood cell count, anemia symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches and irregular heartbeat to cramps and chest pain. This Clinic will address all types of anemia including iron and vitamin deficiency and disease related anemia, restoring health, vigor and vitality of life.

Social Anxiety: Sufferers of social anxiety have an overbearing fear of judgement and criticism and can often feel embarrassed, inadequate and depressed as they avoid interaction with others. In this Clinic, allow Mas to unshackle you or your loved ones from the binding chains of social anxiety, freeing you of its restrictive grasp and allowing you to fully enjoy the endless possibilities and opportunities that await.

For access to the Frequency Clinic Replay Library, which has a wealth of topics, please click here.

As Mas' private sessions become increasingly more difficult to book, Frequency Clinic is designed to help meet the demand for sessions while providing frequent and affordable care and access to Mas. In addition, the power of the group energy fuels the space to bring even faster and more powerful healing to each participant. 

The 21-Day Medihealing (Core Program)
Daily Frequency Support/Alignment

December 21-Day Medihealing - begins early December...

The 21-day Medihealing Program is our core program and also our most popular & affordable offering.   The Program is one that we recommend to all of our clients, both those new to Mas and those who have been working with him for some time, as with each Program the connection to Pure Source deepens.

The core part of the Program involves 21 days of Medihealings with Mas, twice a day.

21 Days of Ongoing Support, Meditation & Healing with Mas: Get instilled with the Pure and awaken your internal "GPS" to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards a fulfilling life you truly enjoy. 

Exclusive Benefits | Exponential Intelligence MAStery

Exponential Intelligence MAStery is an advanced monthly lecture building upon the success and the knowledge of our #1 Podcast - Exponential Intelligence (EI).

While the EI Podcast explains the basics on 'the real why on life and how to have it all', EI-MAStery further explores advanced EI concepts that take you deeper into the Truth that you've been seeking throughout lifetimes.  

Because Mas taps into the knowledge base of the live audience and receives a download of the lecture material that caters to the average comprehension level of the group, to ensure an advanced material download on each live lecture we are inviting only advanced listeners to attend the live EI-MAStery lectures. 

Therefore, the live EI-MAStery lectures are exclusive to the 21-Day participants, with the replays being open for purchase to all participants shortly after the live lecture.

Click for Full Details & Registration

Group Healings

Detox Relief: During the Events Mas talked about how a number of Event attendees would go through detox and, in his words: "if you go through ... detox, really be happy, because you're ahead of the wave - by the time say those waves come through you're going to be at a lot higher level where you can strengthen from that wave."

Statistically, some 60-70% of our clients do go through a 'detox' after working with Mas and the 'Detox Relief' Group Healing is an excellent tool to listen to after attending an Event.   During the call Mas guides us through a group healing using the power of the group to assist with detox symptoms.  Many of our clients download this Group Healing and play it on a loop after our Events and also any time they experience detox symptoms.

When going through a detox Mas also advises reduction of stressful people/situations whenever possible and being kind to yourself during the adjustment period. Other helpful advice is to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and allow yourself an abundance of quiet time.  To access Detox Relief please click here.

Family Clearing: During the Events Mas also talked about the impact that ancestral patterns and programs may have on our lives and how they may hold us back from embodying our true selves.

In this Group Healing, Mas will help detach you from family ties and will help you clear family lineages and frequencies that are not yours and may be generations deep or have accumulated over many lifetimes. This healing will also help break family contracts that may otherwise be passed on from generation to generation and will help remove spirits of dead loved ones or those about to transition who may be holding on to you.  To access Family Clearing please click here.

Other Group Healings:  The Group Healing Library is an extensive library which includes a wealth of topics, including some additional healings on Finances and Relationships, which may be of interest to those who attended our Transformation Intensives.  To access the Library please click here.

Free Products & Services

We have a number of free products and services, including our very popular free Podcast on iTunes and a free Global Healing call each month.  We also have an active FaceBook page and other forms of social media.

EI Podcast: Our Exponential Intelligence (or EI) Podcast was launched on iTunes in November 2015 and has been top in many categories of the 'New and Noteworthy' list many times.  For more information on how to access the Podcasts, please click here.

Global Healing Call: Each month, Mas invites the world to participate in this hour-long healing call from the purity of their hearts and with a sincere desire to heal and evolve.  This is not an ordinary healing session - anyone or any issue that Mas works on during this call will benefit from the Pure Source healing frequency that is further amplified by the powerful energy generated by the global participation.  For more information on the Global Healing call please click here to visit the Events page of our website.

Social Media: We are very active on social media, including FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram and many of our clients enjoy connecting with each other in this way.

Newsletter: Please subscribe to our Newsletter below for the latest news and updates on all of our products & services or visit the Events' page of our website for more information. 

Event Replays

The link to the replay of our 'Last night in London' evening event 'Change your Frequency, Change your Life' and Transformation Intensives on Finances and Relationships was included for free upon in-person registration for the Event, whilst it can be purchased for 80% off by those who participated remotely. 

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire

Your feedback is important to us, as we constantly strive to improve our customer experience.  We should therefore be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to give us your feedback on our Event.  For the feedback form please click here.


We receive many Testimonials from our Clients and we love to hear your stories of how working with Mas has helped you.  Should you wish to submit a Testimonial please email and to view our Testimonial page please click here.

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