Practical Spirituality

Tue, May 5 | 2:15pm – 9:40pm London Time

2:15-3:15pm | Seminar: Playing God                                                      

Meet Mas Sajady - Through two near death experiences, Mas was given extraordinary intuitive and healing abilities – that at the risk of being accused of ‘Playing God’, Mas can access your blueprint with the rare ‘admin privileges’ and reprogram it at the core frequency level to achieve rapid and tangible results for you. You will experience profound transformations in all areas of your life - physical, spiritual, financial, generational, relationships, etc…. 

There is no ‘Chance Meeting’. If something is stirring within you then come meet Mas and see how he can change your life in 30 minutes or less!

Seminar: Free with registration
Ticket: MP3 Replay Available

4- 9:40pm | Lecture & Healing: Practical Spirituality

Spiritual achievements would remain forever illusory without the practical application of these practices into physical reality. While reinforcing the principle of Being-Doing-Having, this workshop will focus on the 'Doing' element to accelerate the transformation of your spiritual knowledge into physical abundance in all areas of your life. 

Three sessions on Health, Wealth and Relationships to achieve 360° of Abundance; each is completed with a lecture, a guided meditation and healing. 

4-5:40pm |  Spirituality & Health 
Nurturing Your Body with Light | $30
Ticket: MP3 Replay Available

6-7:40pm | Spirituality & Wealth
Honoring Your Divine Inheritance | $30
Ticket: MP3 Replay Available

8-9:40pm | Spirituality & Relationships
Soul-mating in the 3rd-Dimension | $30
Ticket: MP3 Replay Available


4-9:40pm | All 3 sessions
Bundle Special | $80 
Ticket: MP3 Replay Available

You may take the sessions together or separately. While each session has its own unique content and frequency, missing one will not affect your understanding of the next session