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Opportunity to receive $50 off your first order from Mas

Purium offers excellent products and programs for cleansing, weight loss, athletic performance and over all well being.


Purium products are truly pure - food of the highest, purest and most organic order, cool-air dried so that all of the live enzymes are preserved and super concentrated 20-40X. Purium products help address many of the health issues facing people today including; vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pesticide-laden foods, cancer, obesity, joint issues, heart disease, issues with the gut biome, autoimmune disorders, stress, sleep issues and so much more.

If you are part of the FIT 360 Program, this is also a wonderful way to enhance your program with some of the products that Mas recommends : The green drink Power ShakeBiome Medic (to remove harmful herbicide glyphosates out of your body), Fulvic Zeolite for heavy metal detox and the powerful 10 Day Green Cleanse.



$50 USD off your first order!

You may use the Gift Card Code PURESOURCE  to receive $50 USD off your first order of $75 USD or more. First orders greater than $200 USD will receive wholesale pricing of 25% off. Monthly orders will continue receive a discount. 

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** use the Gift Card Code PURESOURCE

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** use the Gift Card Code PURESOURCE

And, if you are interested in becoming a Brand Partner with Purium and joining Mas' team, visit here to learn more. You can share Purium with your friends and family. Remember to use your Referred Code: PURESOURCE when registering.