Mas Sajady & Purium

Clients often come to Mas for food and supplement recommendations while various health and nutrition companies seeking him out for product and brand endorsement. After years of searching and researching for the perfect product that he could trust with his clients and family, he came across Purium. Immediately Mas recognized the quality and the purity of their products. Purium is now the ONLY company Mas endorses – because it meets all the uncompromisingly high standards which Mas himself strives for on many levels.


10-Day Cleanse
10-Day Transformation Cleanse

10-Day Cleanse Exclusive Offer: Mas puts his name behind Purium products and is committed to fully support everyone who enrolls in the 10-Day Transformation Cleanse. Mas has put together an exclusive offer designed specifically for the 10 Day Cleanse.  Packed with materials of practical wisdom in business and prosperity, spiritual truth in health and weight issues, medihealings and powerful supportive energy work, etc. This invaluable offer is complimentary with enrollment. 

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Why Purium?

You Are Already Using Purium!

Did you know...? Purium is the manufacturer for 56 health food brands on the market for the past 20 years! Chances are, you probably have already enjoyed something that is manufactured by Purium. 

Purium – Pure & Premium

Natural | Raw | Organic | Vegan | Pure
NO Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, Flavors
NO GMO, NO Radiation, NO Chemicals
NO Fillers, Excess Sugar, Excess Fat
High in Nutrients, Low in Calories

Quality – Please read the Purium product labels and sign up for their factory tour in Long Beach, California. You will learn about their unwavering commitment to quality that absolutely comes before profitability.

Health – Mas is able to see and perceive energies and frequencies. When he found Purium he immediately ‘saw’ and felt the unusually high frequency at which their products vibrate. Their nutrient-dense products satisfy all the cells in your body without any excess calories. You will lose the cravings for bad food along with layers of fat within 10 days and naturally want to lead a healthy life style thereafter.

Wealth – Having abundance is your birth right. Purium brings you not only the highest quality nutrients, but also an opportunity to achieve financial success with limitless possibilities! Mas will help you tune into the frequency of wealth. (More info...)

Spirituality – Harnessing the discipline, diligence and having the wisdom to eat well and eat consciously is more of a spiritual practice than a simple lifestyle choice. While feeding the body quality nutrients raises your frequency, taking good care of the temple that hosts your spirit is one of the best things you could do to connect to the Pure Source.

Relationships – When you vibrate at a high frequency, look good and feel great from the inside out, see how other people treat you differently and how your relationships with every one, especially yourself, significantly improve as a result!

Anti-Aging – None of the Purium products contains any GMO, artificial colors, harmful hormones, or any other toxins that would stress your body, damage your cells and age you prematurely. In fact, try Purium for a week and see for yourself the visible difference in your skin, mood, energy level, and even your eyes – they become lighter and brighter (reported by our clients)!