Public Service Event

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 | 2pm-6pm CT

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
4401 S Upton Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55410 (
Map )


  • Survey Registration: Parent/guardian must complete a survey to register each individual participating youth. This survey collects basic information that may help showcase trends amongst general, aggregated data. All identities will remain anonymous.

  • Follow-up Survey: Parent/guardian will complete a similar follow-up survey at an undisclosed future time to track progress. All identities will remain anonymous.

  • Media Release & Waiver: Understand the Media Release & Waiver. This event will be video livestreamed and there may be a photographer on site. By participating you are giving us permission to take photos, audio and/or video records of you and/or your youth, and that those recordings may be used for promotional purposes.

  • *** Returning Participants & Surveys: To participate again, you need to complete the registration survey below. IF you have completed the follow-up survey, this registration survey will allow you to skip several data tracking questions. If not, you will be asked to fill out the Follow-Up Survey before registering. ( Follow-up surveys were emailed to the email address of the parent/guardian who registered the youth with the email subject title “ Follow-Up Survey: Youth MediMorphosis® | July 2019 “. You may also click here for the Follow-up Survey)

  • *** Returning Participants & Testimonials: To participate again, you will be asked to offer a testimonial that we may use for informational and/or promotional purposes. Testimonials will remain anonymous, unless you give consent for the use of first name and last initial, along with the youth’s age. Testimonials are gathered via the follow-up survey if completed, or registration survey. Alternatively, you may email a video testimonial to with the subject line “ Youth Video Testimonial ”.

In-Person Attendance Only
( Click Here for Online Attendance )

* Complete the Survey 1 time for each participating youth.


• Support for Children for Higher Brain Development

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