At the core of every human being is a desire to feel that your existence means something in this world and that you are capable of achieving great success. But your higher consciousness is not seeking success as you know it. It is seeking Significance.

Mas Sajady uses the term Significant Success to describe true, lasting success that is generated from within, serves our highest good and withstands the test of time. Unlike ordinary success that often masks underlying distortions, Significant Success results from complete internal connection and alignment. When your internal frequencies resonate at the highest level of significance, your external success has no choice but to follow. This is Significant Success. 

In this groundbreaking new program, Mas will offer ongoing advanced series to propel you into embodying your fullest potential and attaining Significant Success in all facets of life.

The series will offer two components: 

  1. The Foundational component is available for all levels and will lay the foundation needed to clear lingering blocks and limitations.   

  2. The Accelerated component will be longer in duration and contain higher, more intense frequencies to propel you forward. The intensity of the program is not recommended for individuals who are new to Mas’ work.

How is Significant Success different? 

We have all witnessed the limitations of someone who is successful in some areas of life, but who is desperately struggling in others. 

Traditional models of success:

  • success is expressed externally but doesn’t provide an internal sense of well-being and completeness 

  • success is often used to resolve the underlying insecurities but it only magnifies the distortions 

  • the presence of these distortions keeps the success fragile and unable to be sustained 

  • success is driven by and perpetuates a sense of lack, and is fueled by competitiveness and exploitation 

  • often a high price is paid in terms of health, relationships, freedom or other sacrifices 

Significant Success:

  • success becomes a reflection of your internal clarity rather than a mask or facade

  • underlying distortions are cleansed and eradicated, not hidden or covered up 

  • success is no longer fragile and can be maintained without creating further distortions 

  • success is driven by and perpetuates a sense of limitless abundance; competition is irrelevant and transparency is the operating philosophy  

  • success pervades every aspect of life with 360 degrees of abundance; nothing needs to be compromised or sacrificed 

Significant Success does not force you to be without, it allows life’s luxuries to be a reflection of your inner grandness. 

In the new Significant Success Program, Mas Sajady will offer Exponential Intelligence and timeless wisdom to guide you into a deeper understanding of this new concept.  Through informative discussions, Medihealings and advanced material, Mas will define processes to help you deconstruct internal rule-sets that no longer promote your advancement and well-being.  

This program will help you to step outside of social standards and cultural patterns in order to redefine everything you know about the mechanics of success and life. Come into your true power by delving into the teachings of Significant Success. Uncover the purpose of your existence and acknowledge how illustrious and grand you truly are. When you realize this, your internal strength, confidence and leadership abilities will magnify, and Significant Success will be yours.